Tools used for masonry

Masonry involves the construction of structures using bricks, concrete blocks, stones, or other materials that are bound together with mortar. The tools commonly used for masonry work include:

  1. Trowel: A trowel is a handheld tool with a flat, pointed blade used to spread and smooth mortar or other materials, such as cement or plaster.
  2. Brick hammer: A brick hammer is a hammer with a chisel-like end used to break or shape bricks or stones.
  3. Chisel: A chisel is a handheld tool with a flat or pointed blade used for cutting or shaping stones or bricks.
  4. Jointer: A jointer is a handheld tool with two convex blades used to create smooth and rounded joints between bricks or stones.
  5. Level: A level is a tool used to ensure that a surface is level or plumb. It is essential for ensuring that walls or other structures are constructed correctly.
  6. Mason’s hammer: A mason’s hammer is a specialized hammer with a long handle and a square head. It is used for cutting and shaping bricks or stones.
  7. Mason’s chisel: A mason’s chisel is a chisel specifically designed for cutting and shaping bricks or stones.
  8. Mortar box: A mortar box is a container used to mix mortar or other materials for masonry work.
  9. Mortar hoe: A mortar hoe is a hoe specifically designed for mixing mortar or other materials.
  10. Mason’s saw: A mason’s saw is a saw designed for cutting stones or bricks.
  11. Mason’s line: A Mason’s line is a string or wire used to ensure that rows of bricks or stones are level and straight.

These tools are essential for masonry work and are used by both professional masons and DIY enthusiasts.

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