Tools used for making gold jewellery

The tools used for making gold jewellery typically include:

  1. Jeweller’s saw: A jeweller’s saw is a handheld saw used to cut gold sheet and wire to the desired length and shape.
  2. Pliers: Pliers are used to bend, shape, and manipulate gold wire and sheet metal.
  3. Mandrel: A mandrel is a tool used to shape gold wire into rings, bracelets, and other curved shapes.
  4. Jewellery hammer: A jewellery hammer is a small, lightweight hammer used to shape and texture gold wire and sheet metal.
  5. Burnisher: A burnisher is a tool used to polish and smooth gold surfaces and edges.
  6. Soldering torch: A soldering torch is used to heat and melt gold solder, which is used to join gold pieces together.
  7. Pickle pot: A pickle pot is a container filled with a solution that removes oxides and other impurities from gold pieces after soldering.
  8. Polishing machine: A polishing machine is a machine that polishes gold jewellery to a high shine.
  9. Magnifying glass: A magnifying glass is used to examine and identify small details and imperfections in gold jewellery.

These tools are essential for creating gold jewellery, and they require skill and experience to use properly. The specific tools and techniques used will depend on the type and style of the jewellery being made, as well as the preferences of the jeweller. Goldsmiths may also use additional tools, such as plating equipment, to create gold jewellery with different colours and finishes.

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