Tools to make cars

Here are some common tools used for making cars:

  1. Welding machine (used for welding metal parts together)
  2. Sheet metal shears (used for cutting metal sheets)
  3. Metal lathe (used for shaping metal parts)
  4. Milling machine (used for milling metal parts)
  5. Plasma cutter (used for cutting metal using a high-temperature plasma jet)
  6. Torque wrench (used for tightening bolts to precise torque specifications)
  7. Hydraulic press (used for bending, shaping, and pressing metal parts)
  8. CNC machine (used for computer-controlled cutting and shaping of metal parts)
  9. Paint booth (used for painting and finishing metal parts)
  10. Hand tools (such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers)
  11. Power tools (such as drills, saws, and grinders)
  12. Engine hoist (used for lifting and moving engines)
  13. Transmission jack (used for lifting and moving transmissions)
  14. Body filler and sandpaper (used for smoothing and finishing metal surfaces)
  15. Diagnostic tools (such as computer scanners and engine analyzers) used for testing and diagnosing car problems.

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