Tools of Tailor

Here are some common tools used by tailors:

  1. Sewing machine (either mechanical or computerized)
  2. Scissors (fabric shears, pinking shears, embroidery scissors, etc.)
  3. Pins (straight pins, safety pins, etc.)
  4. Needles (hand-sewing needles, machine needles, etc.)
  5. Tape measure (used for taking measurements)
  6. Chalk (used for marking fabric)
  7. Ruler (used for measuring and marking fabric)
  8. Seam ripper (used for removing stitches)
  9. Iron (used for pressing fabric)
  10. Thimble (used to protect the finger while hand-sewing)
  11. Tailor’s ham (used for pressing curved seams)
  12. Sewing gauge (used for measuring and marking seam allowances)
  13. Buttonhole cutter (used for cutting buttonholes)
  14. Fabric weights (used for holding fabric in place while cutting)
  15. Bodkin (used for threading elastic or ribbon through a casing).

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