Tools of Sports

Here are some common tools used in various sports:

  1. Ball (used in many sports, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, etc.)
  2. Racket (used in tennis, badminton, squash, etc.)
  3. Club (used in golf)
  4. Bat (used in baseball and cricket)
  5. Stick (used in hockey, lacrosse, and field hockey)
  6. Goalpost (used in soccer, football, and field hockey)
  7. Net (used in volleyball, tennis, badminton, etc.)
  8. Helmet (used in football, hockey, baseball, etc.)
  9. Paddle (used in canoeing, kayaking, and table tennis)
  10. Skates (used in ice hockey, figure skating, etc.)
  11. Running shoes (used in running, track and field, etc.)
  12. Wetsuit (used in surfing, diving, and other water sports)
  13. Goggles (used in swimming and diving)
  14. Bicycle (used in cycling)
  15. Weightlifting bar (used in weightlifting and powerlifting).

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