Tools of Potter

Here are some common tools used by potters:

  1. Pottery wheel (either electric or kick wheel)
  2. Kiln (electric or gas)
  3. Clay (different types and textures depending on the project)
  4. Pottery knife (used for trimming clay)
  5. Fettling knife (used for carving and shaping)
  6. Ribs (wooden, metal or plastic tools used for shaping and smoothing)
  7. Wire tools (used for cutting and removing clay)
  8. Modeling tools (used for sculpting and carving)
  9. Brushes (used for painting glazes or slips)
  10. Slip trailer (used for applying slip to a pot)
  11. Sponge (used for smoothing and cleaning)
  12. Calipers (used for measuring and achieving uniformity)
  13. Bats (flat wooden discs used for throwing and drying pots)
  14. Glaze tongs (used for dipping pots into glaze)
  15. Potters stool (used for comfort and stability while throwing on the wheel).

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