Tools of Exercise

Here are some common tools used in exercise:

  1. Dumbbells (handheld weights used for strength training)
  2. Resistance bands (elastic bands used for strength training)
  3. Exercise ball (large inflatable ball used for balance and core training)
  4. Jump rope (used for cardiovascular exercise)
  5. Yoga mat (used for yoga and other floor exercises)
  6. Kettlebells (weighted balls with handles used for strength training)
  7. Treadmill (used for running or walking indoors)
  8. Exercise bike (stationary bike used for cardiovascular exercise)
  9. Elliptical trainer (stationary machine used for full-body cardiovascular exercise)
  10. Pull-up bar (used for upper body strength training)
  11. Push-up bars (used for upper body strength training)
  12. Foam roller (used for self-massage and myofascial release)
  13. Agility ladder (used for agility and speed training)
  14. Medicine ball (weighted ball used for strength and power training)
  15. Step platform (used for aerobic and lower body strength training).

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