The tools of the blacksmith

Here are some common tools used by blacksmiths:

  1. Anvil (a heavy metal block on which the blacksmith hammers and shapes metal)
  2. Forge (a hearth used for heating metal to a malleable state)
  3. Hammers (various sizes and shapes for different tasks)
  4. Tongs (used for holding hot metal while working on it)
  5. Chisels (used for cutting and shaping metal)
  6. Punches (used for making holes in metal)
  7. Hardy tools (tools that fit into the square hole in the anvil, such as swages, fullers, and cutters)
  8. Files (used for smoothing and shaping metal)
  9. Vises (used for holding metal in place while working on it)
  10. Mandrels (used for shaping metal into curved forms)
  11. Sledges (large hammers used for heavy forging work)
  12. Treadle hammer (a foot-powered hammer used for shaping and forming metal)
  13. Apron (protective clothing worn by the blacksmith to shield against heat and sparks)
  14. Safety glasses (eye protection from flying debris)
  15. Water bucket (used for quenching hot metal).

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