Mechanical Tools

Here are some common mechanical tools:

  1. Wrenches (combination, adjustable, pipe, torque, etc.)
  2. Screwdrivers (flat head, Phillips, precision, etc.)
  3. Pliers (needle-nose, slip-joint, locking, etc.)
  4. Hammers (claw, sledge, mallet, etc.)
  5. Saws (circular, reciprocating, hacksaw, etc.)
  6. Drills (cordless, corded, hammer, etc.)
  7. Socket sets (metric, standard, deep, shallow, etc.)
  8. Chisels (cold, wood, masonry, etc.)
  9. Files (hand, rotary, metal, etc.)
  10. Clamps (C-clamps, bar clamps, spring clamps, etc.)
  11. Levels (bubble, laser, digital, etc.)
  12. Measuring tools (tape measures, rulers, calipers, etc.)
  13. Grease guns and lubrication tools
  14. Pry bars and crowbars
  15. Welding and soldering tools (welders, soldering irons, torches, etc.)

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