Laboratory Tools

Here are some common tools used in laboratories:

  1. Microscope (used to view small objects, such as cells or bacteria)
  2. Pipettes (used for measuring and transferring small amounts of liquid)
  3. Beakers (used for mixing, heating, and measuring liquids)
  4. Erlenmeyer flasks (used for mixing, heating, and measuring liquids)
  5. Test tubes (used for holding and mixing small amounts of liquid)
  6. Bunsen burner (used for heating substances)
  7. Graduated cylinders (used for measuring the volume of liquids)
  8. Stirring rod (used for mixing liquids)
  9. Thermometer (used for measuring temperature)
  10. Funnel (used for pouring liquids into containers with small openings)
  11. Hot plate (used for heating substances)
  12. Balance (used for measuring the mass of substances)
  13. Microcentrifuge (used for centrifuging small samples)
  14. pH meter (used for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of a solution)
  15. Petri dish (used for culturing microorganisms).

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