Computer Repair Tools

Here are some common tools used for computer repair:

  1. Screwdrivers (for opening computer cases and removing parts)
  2. Pliers (for holding and manipulating small parts)
  3. Anti-static wrist strap (to prevent electrostatic discharge from damaging computer components)
  4. Tweezers (for handling small components or for removing debris from keyboards)
  5. Cable tester (for testing connectivity of network or power cables)
  6. Multimeter (for testing power supply voltages and checking continuity)
  7. Cleaning supplies (such as compressed air or microfiber cloths)
  8. USB drive (for bootable operating system installation or data recovery)
  9. Magnetic parts tray (to keep screws and small parts organized)
  10. Power supply tester (for testing power supply functionality)
  11. Ethernet cable tester (for testing network connectivity)
  12. Thermal paste (for replacing dried or inadequate thermal interface material between CPU and heat sink)
  13. Heat gun (for removing adhesives or desoldering components)
  14. Diagnostic software (for diagnosing software and hardware issues)
  15. Spare parts (such as power supplies, RAM, hard drives, or fans).

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