Carpenter Tools

Here are some common carpentry tools:

  1. Hand saws (rip saw, crosscut saw, coping saw, etc.)
  2. Power saws (circular saw, miter saw, jigsaw, etc.)
  3. Hammers (claw hammer, framing hammer, mallet, etc.)
  4. Chisels (beveled, mortising, paring, etc.)
  5. Hand planes (jack plane, block plane, smoothing plane, etc.)
  6. Screwdrivers (slotted, Phillips, etc.)
  7. Measuring and marking tools (tape measure, speed square, combination square, etc.)
  8. Levels (bubble, laser, digital, etc.)
  9. Clamps (bar clamps, pipe clamps, spring clamps, etc.)
  10. Nail guns and staplers
  11. Pry bars and crowbars
  12. Routers and router bits
  13. Drill bits and augers
  14. Sanders (belt sander, orbital sander, etc.)
  15. Workbenches and work tables.

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