Building Construction Tools

Here are some common tools used in building construction:

  1. Hammer (used for driving nails and breaking objects)
  2. Saw (used for cutting wood, metal, and other materials)
  3. Screwdriver (used for turning screws)
  4. Drill (used for making holes in wood, metal, and other materials)
  5. Tape measure (used for measuring lengths and widths of materials)
  6. Level (used for ensuring surfaces are level or plumb)
  7. Chalk line (used for marking straight lines on surfaces)
  8. Nail gun (used for driving nails quickly and accurately)
  9. Circular saw (used for making straight cuts in wood, metal, and other materials)
  10. Power drill (used for drilling holes and driving screws quickly and accurately)
  11. Pry bar (used for removing nails and other fasteners)
  12. Concrete mixer (used for mixing concrete and mortar)
  13. Masonry trowel (used for spreading and shaping cement or mortar)
  14. Pipe wrench (used for tightening and loosening pipes and plumbing fixtures)
  15. Safety equipment (such as hard hats, safety glasses, and gloves).

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